Friday, September 21, 2007

Daily Disruptions

SCO Files Chapter 11
A lesson for those without deep pockets when fighting the big boys on patents.

Bottle Cleans Water In Seconds The filthiest water drinkable in a matter of seconds.

Free Local And Long Distance Calls How does OOma affect the VoIP players? One time fee for free calls.

The New Fuel Station? Airports across the country are getting upgrades in order to handle flyers who want to recharge their portable devices between flights. The electrical charging stations, which are often kiosks, are covered with advertising.

Turning Off Genes In Plants The revolutionary technology is being used in more than 3000 laboratories worldwide to create new plant varieties ranging from blue roses to virus-resistant cereals and nutritionally improved crops.

Lung Cancer Blood Test

McDonald's waste to power buildings" Could McDonald's food actually have value?

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