Sunday, September 16, 2007

H&M Uses Semacodes For Mobile Shopping

University of Miami Uses Semacodes In H&M Ads

The University of Miami involved billboard and magazine print executions that contain an embedded semacode in Europe for H&M, aiming to create another point of sale opportunity with this high-tech technology.

As what you see in the photo, consumers could buy the clothes that available in printed media carrying a small bar code, via their cellphone’s integrated camera. It’s a very cool and innovative idea for shoppers.semacode

According to this blog, this is a concept ad from the University of Miami.


Antony said...


I'm not sure if this is a real ad or just a concept ad?

My research indicates it is concept student work in the portfolio of a student from the Miami ad school, although I am not 100% certain.

Can your sources confirm if it is an actual campaign?

Anonymous said...

its a real advert you div, its not like its using nuclear technology