Monday, September 10, 2007

What Does The Death Of Business 2.0 Magazine Tell Us?

Could Business 2.0's death be the pin that pops the Web 2.0 bubble?

There is more to this story than the death of a great magazine.
Business 2.0
While there are a lot of great applications coming from these Web 2.0 companies, so many seem to be relying on advertising as their business model.

I wonder what happens to a lot of these startups if the economy does slow down and they can't find a way to generate revenue outside of advertising.

At some point the bill for servers, hosting, advertising etc has to get paid.

"Executives at Time Inc. were weighing whether to shutter the seven-year old business/technology publication as the magazine’s ad pages precipitously dropped this year"

The monthly publication will close next week, after they finish the October issue.

The irony here is that a publication focusing on emerging trends/technologies couldn't adapt to the changing advertising model.

I am going to miss this publication.

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