Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Police Scan License Plates Using Physical World Connection

There's so much more to Physical World Connection than scanning a barcode with a mobile phone. Anytime a physical object is scanned and linked to an electronic database using a machine readable identifier, Physical World Connection takes place.

In this case the license plate acts as the physical world hyperlink.

In a story called Police Tools Databases and Cameras highlights a $20,000 device that uses small infrared cameras mounted on the police car to automatically scan license plates and match the numbers against databases of stolen vehicles and people wanted for crimes.

The readers let officers scan about 75 times more plates during an eight-hour shift than the traditional method: writing down numbers and running them past a dispatcher.

Notice the marking on the police car: "License Plate Recognition Vehicle"

G2Tactics is responsible for this technology and must be added to the list of Physical World Connection companies.

license plate recognition

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