Sunday, September 16, 2007

McDonald's Uses RFID For M-Commerce...Or Is It McCommerce?

rfid mcdonalds
From eWeek McDonalds Implements RFID And Mobile Phones For Ordering

This trial is much more an RFID effort than a traditional mobile experiment. Most of the phone's communications capabilities and its display are barely used, with customers having to download a McDonalds application into their phone

At each table, there is an RFID reader and a menu that has built-in RFID chips. Customers plug the reader into their mobile phones and point them at the item on the menu that they wish to eat or drink.

The McDonalds trial is interesting, if for no other reason than it is demonstrating yet another way to deploy mobile commerce. Some use the phone's calling capabilities and screen while others leverage the phone's digital camera to do some 2D barcode-selling.

Original RFID story from Korean Times

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