Thursday, July 26, 2007

Google And Sprint Develop Mobile Portal Using WiMax And LBS

Could this be the tipping point for location based services and advertising?
google talk
Google and Sprint will now be able to tie in your location to all of their applications, including delivering relevant ads, on the mobile phone.

Sprint Nextel said on Thursday it would develop with Google a new mobile Internet portal using WiMax wireless technology to offer Web search and social networking.

Sprint's WiMax for high-speed wireless and its services for detecting location will be combined with Google tools including Gmail, Google Talk, Google Photo and other applications.

Through the partnership with Google, people using the service "will be able to see where everyone is on your [Gmail] contact list is," said Peter Cannistra, Sprint's director of strategic partnerships

Customers will be able to pay for the WiMax service and get access to the Internet everywhere in the city with such devices as laptops, MP3 players, digital cameras and cell phones.

In April 2008, Sprint expects to roll out the service to the general public in those cities and other cities not yet announced.

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