Thursday, October 11, 2007

RFID Fertilization, 100Gbps Net, Green Wireless Sensors, Plasma TVs Banned

RFID Can Track Sperm And Egg

Another closed loop application for RFID. Alien Technology realized the margins are in closed loop RFID applications.

Internet2 Hits 100 Gbps

Could scale 10xs that. What applications and companies thrive when speed and size of content are no longer an obstacle. This allows Web 3.0, when all physical objects are/can be connected to the Internet.

Wireless Sensors Go Green

Energy, such as vibration or solar rays, is converted into the tiny drip of electrical power needed to run the sensors themselves and the tiny radios that link them in an intelligent mesh. One energy harvesting technique, called piezo electricity, subjects certain materials, such as crystals, to mechanical stress in order to create an electrical current.

Plasma TVs To Be Banned

Most plasma television sets are in danger of being banned from sale in Australia if a proposed energy-efficiency rating system is adopted. Under a proposed six-star rating system, most current plasma TVs do not meet the requirements and could be removed from sale.
It would mean all current plasma TVs and many LCDs could be removed from sale by 2011.

Look for more energy efficient standards for appliances.

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