Friday, October 26, 2007

Sprint Sponsors ScanLife's Mobile Barcode With Billboard Magazine Campaign

Kudos to ScanBuy for being the first U.S. Physical World Connection company to land a carrier and major brand for a mobile barcode campaign. The combination of Sprint and the right demographic group should open doors for ScanLife and EZCodes.

ScanlifeScanbuy's ScanLife 2D bar code scanning technology, which Sprint is now testing on selected mobile phones in the United States, already has been adopted by consumers around the globe. (coming soon to AT&T and Alltel).

In the Philippines, Mobitms has partnered with Scanbuy to provide a suite of services that allow consumers to access the Web, surf for content or buy products via their mobile phones with the click of their cameras.

In France, Regie Autonome Transports Parisiens, a major public transportation company in Paris, is working with Scanbuy to give commuters easy access to transportation and tourism information


To get ScanLife on your mobile phone, text SCAN to 70734 or go to to download the free trial application. After you have ScanLife on your phone, start scanning EZCodes and make your own. It's EZ.

See all the useful things advertisers and you can do with EZCodes.


streetstylz said...


Billboard Magazine costs $299.00 for 51 issues over 12 months. Billboard magazine only has roughly a 15,000 subscriber base.

This is a shallow "permissive" trial that has a "hard-stop" associated with it.


No Name said...

Somehow I don't think this campaign will be limited to just the magazine.

Speaking of "hard-stop", did you see the news that the US Patent Office is reevaluating Neomedia's patent?

streetstylz said...


The reexamination of NeoMedia's patent doesn't concern me at all, as it is merely a formality.

As you know, NeoMedia has very coveted patents. These patents were first licensed by Digital Convergence in 2000 to facilitate the launch of the :CueCat. They were also the catalyst in the licensing of our patents to Cross Pen, Symbol, and NeoMedia's acquisition of the qode assets in 2001.

Years later, NeoMedia successfully won legal battles against Virgin
Entertainment -- who licensed our intellectual property portfolio -- and successfully defeated AirClic and LScan. NeoMedia's patents have proven their value and worth in true time tested fashion.

One would certainly think that patent #6,199,048 has been under the microscope over the years, and has been looked over with a fine-toothed comb. Especially for prior art in the preceding patent infringement cases with Virgin, AirClic, and LScan.

Too many Patent Experts and legal representatives have looked at the core patents (mainly the Huedtz patents) and have not figured out a way around them; Motorola, Symbol, Qualcomm, Digital Convergence's legal team, Cross Pen, etc.


Anonymous said...

Well I hope you dont slip on your banana if they uphold it.

Anonymous said...

How many different types of symbologies can Scanlife click on?

No Name said...

After reading the 17 page document, and the language they use, I would hardly call this a formality.

Anonymous said...


Scott, if you are a pumper you will claim anything as is happening here. Streetstylz statement is just that pump with little fact.

NEOM did not win 3 legal battles as alleged here. They won one default case because that company was and did go bankrupt so they didn't have the funds to defend themselves.

The other 2 cases were not legal wins, because they were settled before they ever got to court, and the amount of the great wins is evident in NEOM's revenue. If you look at their revenue from the settlement date forward it declined not increased, so their wasn't much money involved in the settlements. Matter of fact years after those settlements NEOMs revenue last quarter, minus Gavitec, was something like 125,000.00.

And Streetstylz likes to point out how minuscule the Billboard trial is. Ask him how big the NEOM/Sprint/Case Western trial was that he felt compelled to change the PR on his blog about, without permission? That was sure a big deal for NEOM according to him and his fellow pumpers.

And as you point out, the USPTO has principally agreed with the EFF that all 95 of NEOMs claims in the patent need to be reexamined, not just a few of the claims. And this one patent is the core of the other patents. So if this patent is thrown out, the other patents that he claims NEOM holds are pretty much worthless as well, because they all use a similar process for their core operation.