Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Could This Be Bigger Than Google?

What would make Google even more powerful?

If they were able to analyze ALL of your Internet activity (non Google related sites) and deliver appropriate advertising. In order to provide that, Google would have to embed an application higher up the "broadband chain", like the modem. This would allow them to collect data and provide advertising on ALL websites you visit.

How can they do that or is it already taking place?

That would be pretty valuable, but that would only provide information (and advertising) for one of the "triple play" services, the Internet. Missing from this database are the activities from TV, Voice (and soon mobile).

The Next Google will be able to collect data, second-by-second, from all services/devices connected to the broadband pipe and deliver relevant advertising to ANY display.

Services include the Internet,TV, voice and mobile. Devices include PCs, laptops, game devices (Playstations etc), home phones, cellphones.

The Next Google is the gatekeeper, or "toolbar" of the pipe coming into your home, not just to your PC.

This company exists and this service is coming.

Last night their CEO said ""We believe ******'s ability to report actual anonymous second-by-second program and advertising audience viewership data from tens of millions of set top boxes (STB)s represents a huge technological and informational leap from today's television measurement standard"

"We currently have access to 500,000 set-top-boxes (STBs) made available to us through different network operators from multiple TV markets from which we are collecting,
aggregating and reporting anonymous, second-by-second data to our development partners."

"Similar to our ******** service that is collecting anonymous, census-level data representing more than 45 million set top boxes (STBs), we have architected ******* to comfortably scale to handle this same granular level of anonymous data from significantly more STBs in the 110 million U.S. TV households today."

When Google teamed up with Nielsen for TV ads, I explained there is a much bigger market they are missing. A much better solution.

I discussed how this company, and their service, could be The Next Google .

It has even been called Holy Grail census-level sample of all set-tops.

Know what company this is?


Anonymous said...

That wouldn't be Rentrak would it :)

No Name said...


I discovered this company over a year ago.

It was only after they presented to Google and then Time Warner CEO discussed this service, did it finally get some traction.

08' should be the year the Street recognizes their transformation.