Tuesday, December 11, 2007

With $15 Billion, What Should Apple Buy?

Last week it was announced Apple had been saving a bit of money. Lots of speculation on what Apple should buy.

From 9to5Mac 15 Billion Dollars What Will Apple buy?

ARS Technica sees Adobe, TiVo and Nintendo as possible candidates.
9to5 Mac suggests telecom related companies: ClearWire, Skype, or Apple bidding on the 700 MHz spectrum.

What do I think Apple should buy?

Apple's iTunes and their variety of products allow anyone to download, carry, and play content. iTunes has developed into a content portal, but why couldn't it be a commerce portal as well?

Apple generates revenues by selling products (iPod, Nano, iPhone etc) that play content, and by selling the content itself through iTunes. Music, videos and and various types of tickets (concert, plane, coupons) are purchased and downloaded through iTunes.

Millions of Apple "real world" (mobile) devices get connected to a PC and to the Apple portal (iTunes) making Apple a true m-commerce player. Apple needs a financial platform to support this. Millions of transactions occur through iTunes (and soon through the Iphone), Apple should want to get a cut of this.

For the right price, would eBay ever consider selling PayPal?

What do you think Apple should buy?


Anonymous said...

I suggest they buy a mobile network fast enough to make all Iphones functions true in the US. Say he who was disapointed at the point he expected it all should start and we got slowed down on the AT&T network.....

No Name said...

Voice is a commodity and will soon be "free"..a bad investment in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

... facebook? and link to the use of Itunes....