Thursday, January 17, 2008

ScanBuy Gets New Mobile Bar Code Patents As Sprint Adopts Their ScanLife Platform

Scanbuy, a global leader in mobile 2D bar code and marketing solutions, today announced the approval of seven patents which cover a variety of elements relating to its integrated ScanLife Code Registry and Management platform.scanlife

Officially granted in 2007, each of the new patents enables a user’s mobile device to decipher 2D codes and deliver digital content through a server gateway, offering the most convenient way for mobile devices to access information from the physical world.

The patents cover new methods of processing and enhancing bar code images captured by a digital camera connected to a mobile device.

The state-of-the-art ScanLife Code Registry and Management platform has been deployed successfully in France, Spain, the Philippines, China and the United States.

AllTel is now listed as a carrier for ScanBuy's ScanLife too.

In addition, take a look at how Sprint has adopted Scanbuy's mobile bar code reading platform ScanLife, in their new PhoneIQ application. Expect more EZcodes in/on major publications soon.

What this really means.scanlife

Because Dupont selected Scanbuy as its exclusive provider for the 21st Century Barcode, (microEZ) mobile marketing companies will be able to offer brands the ability to connect their product/package with a consumer using a camera phone and a 2d barcode.

Every Coke can, cereal box, DVD package etc will act like a physical world hyperlink when a camera phone scans the 2d code on the packaging.

In my opinion, physical world hyperlinks have the ability to revive retail stores.

By adding a 2d code to packaging, the Internet comes into a retail store, offering brands lots of exciting options.

2D barcodes, or in this case EZCodes, will compliment keywords as the commodity for Internet advertising.

ScanLife® can be used with all major 2D barcode protocols including QR, DataMatrix; and codes made especially for camera phone like Scanbuy’s EZcode™.

Some exciting developments are expected from ScanBuy shortly. Readers might want to download the ScanLife barcode reading application on the phone to take see.

To get the ScanLife mobile barcode application simply text SCAN to 70734 or go to and enter your phone number.

It is clear that the ScanLife is becoming the standard mobile bar code reading application in the U.S.

See why Microsoft's Don Dodge picked ScanBuy as a Company To Watch?


Ian Wishingrad said...

This is the future of mobile e-commerce, assuming the carriers see results in their pilot programs. It seems that Sprint is the only major carrier that is putting the necessary capital forward to ensure the general public actually becomes aware and makes use of its service. So many people would never comprehend the full benefit of this technology without the right instructional advertisement. Barcode scanning is a great method of bringing the consumer 98% closer to the point of purchase, but without true knowledge of the technology and its capabilities, people will be wary. Hopefully the big carriers see the potential revenue stream and decide to spend the necessary funds to launch the campaign. If there is a lackluster introduction, don't expect to see 2D Barcodes as prevalent as they are hyped. All in all, it is an amazing technology that hopefully will take flight in the US sometime in the near future.

Antony said...


Thanks for the tip off on Sprint's PhoneIQ, things are really getting busy in the Western worlds on Codes. Telstra in Australia, The SUN in the UK and Sprint in the USA, it really is exciting times.

One question though, why are there Aztec codes all over the Sprint site!? As far as I'm aware Aztec is Neomedia's patented 2D code and Scanbuy's is the EZcode (which is also on the site in places)

Has someone made a huge mistake there or is there something we don't know about?



No Name said...

It was a mistake on Sprint's part.

They all look the same though don't they?

Sprint is using ScanBuy's ScanLife mobile bar code reading application for this.

Antony said...

Gee thats a pretty big mistake to make!

I suppose this error just reinforces your "They all look the same though don't they" comment.

Yeah they do look similar which is why interoperability is so important, users simply aren't going to know the difference between multiple formats in the public space.

Anonymous said...


Your assertion that the AZTEC code is Neomedias patented code is false, and one of the main reasons why so much misinformation gets repeated on all these blogs pertaining to 2D bar codes.

Neomedia holds no patents on any 2D bar code. The Aztec code does not belong to Neomedia, its an open standard code like the data matrix and the QR codes. Meaning anyone can develope a solution using that code. That is what Neomedia did. They developed a patented process for reading 2D codes, and at that time chose to develope the process around the AZTEC code that was publicly available.

Unfortunately for Neomedia, the AZTEC open standard code never gained the traction, that the 2 other open standard codes have been gaining, meaning the Data Matrix and the QR.

Thats the reason Neomedia had to rethink their business plan, and have their subsidiary Gavitec develope a new code reader that was capable of decoding all open standard codes.

So please stop posting how Neomedia owns the patents to a 2D bar code, when all they own is the patents for a method of decoding those codes using a cell phone.

nitsuj said...

In my multiple attempts, always downloading the latest version of their software, I've never been able to get Scanlife's software to work on my A900. Install process goes fine, recognizes my phone, but never decodes the codes on their site or any codes I've created on my own.

No Name said...

I am able to use it on my Treo 650 and Samsung Flip.

I suggest emailing the company.

Anonymous said...

More great info on Sprints 2-D barcode technology.