Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Intel And Yahoo Merge the Internet And TV

What happens when Yahoo and Intel make TV interactive?

Could TV ads as we know it be over?

Instead of a TV channel being a one-way passive content "website", it becomes a dynamic information delivery platform. Ads can be inserted as hyperlinks in tv programs,that match viewers interest and viewing habits.

TV programs turn into quasi websites. TV networks have multiple revenue opportunities. Viewers click on "hyperlinks" inserted in TV shows for more info.

If hyperlinks are inserted into any TV program and the typical 30 second ad is eliminated, does this solve the problem of DVR skipping?

Media disruption ahead...for advertisers, consumers and innovative companies. The Next Google is the ability to monitor viewership and deliver ads/content to any screen.

Intel® And Yahoo!® To Bring The Internet To Television

The Widget Channel will allow consumers to enjoy rich Internet applications designed for the TV while watching their favorite TV programs.

The Widget Channel will be powered by the Yahoo! Widget Engine, a fifth-generation applications platform that will enable TV watchers to interact with and enjoy a rich set of "TV Widgets," or small Internet applications designed to complement and enhance the traditional TV watching experience and bring content, information and community features available on the Internet within easy reach of the remote control.

TV Widgets will enable consumers to engage in a variety of experiences, such as watching videos, tracking their favorite stocks or sports teams, interacting with friends, or staying current on news and information.

Makes a lot of sense considering Nielsen said Americans are watching more TV than ever.

Have to factor in the Mister Softee too. Microsoft announced their intent to cash in with click-on ads.

Advertisers pay top dollar to place products in popular television shows and movies.

Microsoft is hoping to expand on the concept with a new technology that allows viewers to click on cars, clothing or other products that appear in online movies or TV shows. For example, viewers of "Sex and the City" could click on Carrie Bradshaw's designer shoes or Kamali sweaters as she walks down a New York street and immediately be transported to advertisements for those products.

What is produced from all of these partnerships? The Next Google.


The Next Google will be able to collect data, second-by-second, from all services/devices connected to the broadband pipe and deliver relevant advertising to ANY display.

This company
has the distinct capability of tracking all data activity from the nation’s 110 million television set-top boxes.

They are capable of measuring with incredible accuracy and precision, every view of a television program or advertisement and every click of a remote across all networks and all programs. Pretty big huh?

All screens, all networks, all programs and all advertisements...yes that's the Next Google

Know what company this is?


Anonymous said...

Starts with a R ends with a K. Didn't want to spoil the fun.

No Name said...

Here is a quote from the company.

"through the technology we have developed and sharpened, and the strong industry relationships we have fostered for more than two decades, ***** is capable of measuring with incredible accuracy and precision, every view of a television program or advertisement and every click of a remote across all networks and all programs.

In essence, we can provide specific viewing behavior and trends to those who need it most, and we do so with lightning speed"

How much is this worth to a Google? or does it threaten them?