Wednesday, August 13, 2008

ScanBuy's ScanLife Now Available for Download through The iPhone App Store

The leading physical world connection player is now also available on the iPhone.

Scanbuy, a global leader in mobile marketing solutions, announced today that its ScanLife 2D barcode application is now available for free on the iPhone App Store. Scanbuy's technology uses the phone’s camera to give users an instant connection to information, without needing to search by keyword or type in a lengthy URL. ScanBuy

Individuals can also create and scan Personal EZcodes as links to their blogs or networking sites by registering an account at

ScanLife can launch any URL address and with Wi-Fi access, the application can also send a user directly to an iTunes page to preview and purchase a specific song or to watch a video on YouTube™.

iPhone users can download the free ScanLife software from the App Store, while users on other phones can text SCAN to 43588 or go to on their mobile browser.

In addition to the iPhone, the ScanLife handset software is compatible with hundreds of other phones on every major mobile operating system including BREW, Java, Symbian, Palm, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile.

How does ScanBuy's ScanLife compare to NeoMedia's code scanning application?
According to Scanbuy:
From a code creation standpoint:

- Unlike Scanbuy, a Neomedia user cannot edit the code at a later time – if they want the code to link to something different, they have to make a new one

- The longer the URL, the bigger it needs to be (takes up more space) or the more dense it needs to be (which limits how many phones can read it). A Facebook URL is about 35 characters long. EZcodes can always be the same size – ½ inch.

From a scanning standpoint:

- Do you want 10 million people to be able to read your code, or do you want over 60 million?
ScanLife can be downloaded on 75 other handsets (beyond the iPhone) and the Neoreader mainly works with Smartphones only – and does not work on the Blackberry.

- The ScanLife iPhone app also has a History and Favorites function so people can go back to previous scans.

Want to see how ScanLife works?

Founded in 2000, Scanbuy has a strong and growing intellectual property base in 2D barcode technology. The company's investors include Longworth Venture Partners, Masthead Venture Partners and Hudson Ventures.

More on Scanbuy.


streetstylz said...

Misleading readers is what Scott Shaffer does best. No surprise there.

Unlike Scanbuy, a NeoMedia user cannot edit the code at a later time – if they want the code to link to something different, they have to make a new one

From the ScanLife website:

What can I do with a personal account? With this account, you can create up to (3) EZcodes which can link to a specific web address. You are able to create, edit, and download any of your EZcodes at any time. ScanLife Personal accounts are currently being released on a limited basis. It is free to use by individuals for non-commercial purposes only.

NeoMedia's business clients have access to the NeoSphere Link Manager and can change the code content anytime they want.

NeoMedia does not give consumers access to the Link Manager for indirect code linking at this time. Instead, consumers can use any number of free Data Matrix and/or QR code generators and make their own directly encoded 2D barcodes. These codes can be easily read and deciphered with the NeoReader.

ScanBuy's ScanLife application cannot read Data Matrix, Aztec, or QR codes here in the US. It is not a true universal code reader like the NeoReader.

The longer the URL, the bigger it needs to be (takes up more space) or the more dense it needs to be (which limits how many phones can read it). A Facebook URL is about 35 characters long. EZcodes can always be the same size – ½ inch.

EZcodes can always be the same size because they are indirectly encoded with a unique identifier (123456) which is the same process patented by NeoMedia. Thus the reason NeoMedia filed suit against Scanbuy for patent infringement.

Do you want 10 million people to be able to read your code, or do you want over 60 million? ScanLife can be downloaded on 75 other handsets (beyond the iPhone) and the NeoReader mainly works with Smartphones only – and does not work on the Blackberry.

The NeoReader can be downloaded onto 112 handsets, in addition to the iPhone. The NeoReader works on a lot more than just smartphones. Support for the Blackberry is not currently available.

It should also be noted that ScanLife only supports one language: English ... while the NeoReader supports multiple languages: English and German.

The NeoReader also has a History and Favorites function just like ScanLife.

The NeoReader even has a UPC number search function, which ScanLife does not.

Bottom line: The NeoReader easily outperforms ScanLife in every way.

No Name said...

Did you even read the post??

The post says "according to Scanbuy"...

Have you even read this

brewskih said...


Misleading readers and pumping Neomedia is what Streetstylz does best. Just check his blog as evidence of that, as well as his twisted statements here of the facts. Or is it spin?

You are wasting your time. This is the same group that once argued vehemently that the static code was a throw away code, and had the CEO of a start up agreeing with them, until I challenged them with the simple web redirect process.

Streetstylz also don't get it. He says that users can just create a new code if they want to send the person to a new web site. Why would you want to change all your physical documents you have your code printed on, if you change web address or something? Things like your business card for instance, that you hand out with that 2D code printed on it. If your address is embedded in the code, and you move, why have to buy new cards to put a new code on them, when you can go change the info on the old code?

The blackberry which he is giving little credence too, is probably the most widely used hand held in the market, and even some of his own group of pumpers have acknowledged that in another forum. One of them commented at how in NYC for instance about everyone had a blackberry.

As for the patent issue he brings up, thats still an open question, and perhaps he forget that Scanbuy also has their own patents issued on their process. The courts will decide that issue, if and when Neomedia's original 1995 patent gets through the re-exam process, where at this time all 95 claims have been rejected.

Neomedia's code reader is not a true universal code reader either, since there are many standard codes it can not read. Perhaps Streetstylz ought to research the new phones being developed which are true universal bar code scanners. Why? Because they have a laser scanner built in, a technology Neomedia has no patents on, and if it goes mainstream, will leave all these bar code readers in the dust.

By the way, he suggests that the consumer is not relevent, and that Neomedias business clients can manage their codes and thats whats important. The consumers are going to be the ones behind mass adoption if it occurs, not the business'. So getting those consumers to create their own codes and play with them through social networks, will be the driving force, that not only accelerates mass adoption, but also educates the consumers on the technology. When they can make their own codes, which they see as a benefit for them, they are more apt to use and learn the technology, then when they see an advertisement for a code.

No Name said...

I would imagine any serious brand, advertiser, provider or handset manufacturer would consider reading this before committing to any campaign.

Anonymous said...

Enough gentlemen all the talk it is not necessary for 2d code companies to feud over space.Its a very big pie and each of us UpCode NEO, SCANBUY an QR are the top groups that have global reach. Why should we fight just execute your program the world is too big and everyone can have a bite.While you 2 argue over the space I will do the exact opposite and continue to make solutions TURN-KEY.Its not about the code its whats on the other side.A professional system is what the people need a identifier.

No Name said...


The "feud" was started after Neomedia waved their IP around and started suing any PWC player about 4 years ago.( before the space even started to get traction

ScanBuy was the only US PWC player (that I know of) that fought back. It seems appropriate that they are getting the publicity (and funding) now. In the mean time, the IP bullies (as of 6/30/2008) have $75k in the bank and a working capital deficit of $88million.

I don't think it is just PWC player ScanBuy that enjoys seeing how the tables have turned.

If your company was around back then (or was making any progress in the PWC space), I feel confident you would have been a target too. So instead of "making solutions", your company would have to deal with litigation and other various obstacles.

brewskih said...


You are absolutely right, the world is big enough for several players(you left some major ones out of your list.

As Scott eluded to however, the poster here and the group of shareholders he is a part of, have gone out of their way for a couple years now, to trash other company and their product as being inferior to Neomedias. Even back when all neomedia had was Paperclic.

This same poster has belittled publicly the CEO's of companies, and other experts in the field, whom actually work with this technology, as opposed to himself who does not.

This poster and his group, have gone around the web, proclaiming Neomedia owned the bridge for this technology, and any company that was involved was either a patent infringer or would be paying Neomedia sooner rather then later to cross that bridge.

The only way that anyone ever got him to back down on some of his rhetoric, was to challenge him head on about his bogus statements, which I have been doing. Based on his previous statements, your company as well as every other one in the mobile bar code space, were impeding on Neomedia's patents.

Copy a little bit of Streetstylz text above and put it into a google search, and see how many blogs he has been to posting the same mis information over the past couple days alone.

Someone has to keep the information real, so that companies such as your do not suffer from the mis information these guys post daily, in an effort to enhance their investment as Neomedia shareholders, at the expense of other reputable companies and individuals.

Anonymous said...

For clarification Scott UpCode is not PWC its MAI(trademarked) Mobile Access and Interaction.It's alot more than just www codes or a url.Its about intelligent codes with a global reach.Im just curious scott you said you wouldn't post anymore 2d companies only disruptive technology is this Scanbuy article disruptive?Also I would have to say we all have software available for IPhone but in all honesty who cares its only one phone with 0.6 of the world market.Scott Im just curious there is good press on some 2d companies out there why wont you post there news about their success?Well I guess it doesn't really matter cause the press picks up everything anyway.

Anonymous said...

Wow Brewski, you said everything I was thinking!

It is amazing how this Streetstylez posts on every single blog that relates to this technology his propoganda regarding the patent issues (which ironically are not going in Neomedia's favor lately) or how we should all try his application.

How does he have the time to do this?

I hoestly think he is either paid by Neomedia as part of a PR campaign to tout the company and blast the competition, or more probable is paid by Yorkville/CC so they can pump and then dump this sub penny stock on any bounce.

No Name said...

PWC stands for "physical world connection", a phrase I coined years ago. I created a list of PWC companies that had a solution that could read a machine readable identifier using a camera phone.

Resolving a barcode with a camera phone is considered disruptive, or at least I considered it to be.

Your company will be taken off the list if you don't want to be labeled as such.

I don't post every mobile barcode story now because there are plenty of other blogs that cover it. When I first started to discuss this space Nov 03, the concept was very new and didn't get a lot of press.

I spent a lot of time/blog posts outlining how this would play a big role in the mobile and advertising industry...and now the masses are starting to get it.

I am morphing The Pondering Primate into a blog that highlights and ponders about other disruptive technologies.

Anonymous said...

That's fine no worries?No disrespect Scott just curious about the post please take no offensive.Just pay attention to will be a nice place for people to hangout and have fun Coming Soon.

brewskih said...


You are right. Readers are a dime a dozen, so who cares. Some seem to think that its a big deal that neomedias reader made it to the apple app store, so why shouldn't it be just as big a deal fr scanbuys?

But thats not the issue. Earlier you made reference to several companies and/or codes stressing that those were all the top groups of this space.

I beg to differ with you on that aspect. Upcode, Scanbuy, Shotcode and others are the top of that group, and Neomedia should not be included. Why? Because you companies did something more then develope a code reader, for a standard bar code already in existence, something that kids in their garage are capable of doing as we have witnessed.

You companies developed your own codes and the readers to work with them, as well as to work with some of those standard codes.

Neomedia on the other hand did nothing but develope a reader to work with the least popular standard 2D code in the market, the AZTEC code. Scanners were already on the markets to read those Aztec codes for years so this was not a very big feat on Neomedias part. Even their Iphone reader was developed by 2 guys working out of their house in south Florida, and published on their blog, and then mysteriously removed.

So you are right, you and the other companies I mentioned are more then bar code reader companies, Neomedia at this time is not, and wouldn;t even be where they are now if not for Gavitec developing the Neoreader for them. To the best of my knowledge they haven't been able to develope anything of value in this space on their own, contrary to what their competition has accomplished.

Disclaimer: I am still a share holder in Neomedia stock, although I have no faith in the company or their products any longer. Just staying in hoping for a miracle to try to recover some of my losses.

Anonymous said...

A Man who knows what he speaking, I love it the truth from real people who truly understand this business.This race won't be won by big ad agencies it will be won by the young adults and kids their wants and needs.The youth will drive this trend just show them what they can do with it?

Anonymous said...

This blog is fantastic. If you haven't read it for a while there are always new interesting discussions around Scotts PWC. It is fantastic what you have created Scott, the Pondering is a global brand today! So, when did UpCode pop-up as a "major player" inside the PWC-sphere? Putting 2d barcodes here and there does NOT disrupt anything. We are back to discussions that have been on this blog some years ago. If the brand owners decide to put 2d barcodes on their consumer goods, YES - then the 2d players will start doing some hard business. As long as the brand owners keep the 1d barcode on their consumer package this will be the standard that business around PWC will be based around. I have not seen any significant proof on any real cash flow around 2d barcodes. Anyone?