Friday, December 16, 2011

Managing Digital Rights..An Investing Trend To Watch

The ease of production and distribution (and duplication) has created a conundrum for digital content owners. I discuss this wave as one to watch in my book.

John Wiley and Sons are following through on charging those that steal their "For Dummies" content.

the major publisher picked up the pace by filing another mass-lawsuit, yet again targeting those sharing the “For Dummies” series online. The complaint lists 36 IP-addresses through which the defendants downloaded and shared titles

The person that downloads the content AND the site that enables it, are liable.

The record industry has already started to crack down on this. PlayMPE is already known as the global standard for secure media delivery. (Parent company Destiny Media Technologies)

The 2 patents Destiny has should offer the competitive advantage for this upcoming investing trend.

1.1. Digital Locking "Digital Media Distribution Method and System" (Granted US 20020146122) This patent provides a method of locking digital content which prevents play back on unauthorized machines and devices. Claims include separating security from the content, so that content files can be shared securely over peer to peer networks. This is one of the earliest patents for securing peer to peer distributed content.

2.2. Watermarking "Methods for Watermarking Media Data" (US 20080098022) (pending Japan, Europe, Canada, USA) Destiny has a developed a watermarking technology which can uniquely identify the individual who originally accessed a particular song. Our watermark is unique as it can be embedded and identified rapidly, it is inaudible, it survives on air broadcast, compression and conversion to other formats and is virtually impossible to remove. Patents are pending in the US, Canada, Europe, Japan and China. Our watermarking technology is used in the Play MPE® distribution system when songs are exported or when streaming a track. 16 Other watermarking technologies are slow and provide a trade off between a destruction of audio quality and the ease that they can be filtered out.

Destiny Media Technologies is a company that was triggered by the BigStockular, the tool found in the book How To Find Big Stocks

The tool that turned $10,000 into $2,800,000 in 2 years.

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