Thursday, December 29, 2011

Say It Forget It, Write It Regret It...An "Off the Grid" Trend Coming

Get ready for a new trend when people go digitally "off the grid". Look for people to stop clicking "share this" and "like this" because of the future ramifications it will have.

One of the upcoming investing waves I discuss in my book, is the growing demand for digital rights and privacy. The Internet is a fantastic medium for digital delivery, but we are sacrificing a lot of control (whether you recognize it or not).

Banks, employers, dating services and many other entities are using your digital footprints for their qualification process. A compromising picture, or emotional Tweet is now coming back to bite you.

Most people are not aware that anything transmitted over the Net is public information and can (and will) be seen by thousands (if not millions) of people.

They are just starting to see how their past Net activity is influencing their future.

Remember as a kid yor parents would tell you to count to 10 before you said anything when you're mad? Perhaps there should be a delay on the send, reply or post button. I call it the "just in case" button. I am sure there are plenty of times when you wish you could have pulled something back off the Net.

Some interesting cases are now appearing in court that have to do with digital rights.

1. Who owns your followers on Twitter, you or your employer?

2. Who can share your personal information with?

3. Can your Facebook image be used to promote products without your permission?

So next time think twice before you share an article or "like" something.

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