Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Gannet Takes Stake In 4INFO

A text messaging and WAP service I use all the time, gets backing from Gannett. A major media company taps into mobile information and mobile marketing.

Smart move Gannett.

From BizWire Gannett announces minority investment in 4INFO

Collaboration between the companies will begin with USA TODAY and be introduced to other Gannett newspaper and broadcast operations, including Captivate Network. This will include promotion of 4INFO's mobile real-time information such as sports scores and weather within relevant sections of USA TODAY.

4INFO's primary service allows a person to use their cell phone to send a text message search to the company's 5 digit number (44636). This free service then replies with a personalized answer within seconds.

4INFO or 44636 is so easy to remember too.

People can search for information they need while on the go, including local business listings, sports scores, fantasy statistics, weather forecasts, movie times and more.

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