Monday, January 03, 2005

05 Predictions From Battelle + 60 Minutes = A Mind Blowing Platform

As I watched the 60 Minutes interview last night with Google and John Battelle, I must say I wasn't surprised at the topics. I was surprised at the venue he chose to offer them though.

John Battelle is a well recognized expert in the search engine industry. His comments and work is very enlightening.

I wonder how many people have read his 2005 predictions.

One in particular I find myself smirking when I read it is this.

10. A third party platform player with major economies of scale (ie eBay or Amazon) will release a search related innovation that blows everyone's mind, and has everyone buzzing about how it redefines what's possible in search.

I think I know the platform he's referring to, and yes it will blow everyone's mind.

There are 3 things you have to recognize first.

1. search is the vehicle of choice for advertisers right now.
2. there are more cell phones than pcs
3. there are more web enabled mobile devices than pc's.

It's not hard to see where the trend is going.

Microsoft evangelist Robert Scoble sees it Scoble sees the new killer app.

Bill Gates said it here.
"With cell phones, we will be able to read bar codes to retrieve information about a certain product. With a camera phone we will be able to translate a restaurant menu in a foreign country," Gates said.

Amazon is trying to do it here.

And I gave my summary of the Next Google here.

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