Wednesday, January 26, 2005

RFID Cell Phone...Sure

Im not surprised. Ive been saying this is inevitable.

From Mobile Mag RFID cell phones? maybe in 2007.

Electronics and Technology Research Institute (ETRI) plans to complete development of a built in RFID reader chip that will allow cell phones to receive RFID signals. This would enable users with the device embedded into their cell phone to receive info based on their surroundings. Such as, standing in front of a movie poster and hearing the latest soundtrack from that movie, or even view a teaser trailer.

The Ministry of Information and Communication of Korea is exploring new business models combining mobile infrastructure and RFID. Their goal is to push the mobile RFID to commercial service in 2007.

Once RFID receivers are built into cell phones the possibilities are endless. For instance; buy a product off the supermarket shelf, the RFID tag will identify itself, and your phone can download the recipes associated with the product.

Now if I thought this would have legs, I would look to see who had the IP associated with scanning bar codes. It's the same principle, so I think Symbol Technologies might be the place to start. See what kind of IP they regarding RFID. The barcode and RFID tag, same principle of looking up information but now through the Internet.

Youre just swapping a barcode that is internet accessable with an RFID tag that already is.

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