Thursday, March 30, 2006

Apple The Mobile Marketing Powerhouse?

I mentioned previously that Apple could turn into a mobile powerhouse with some innovation.

Apple could provide the link between the PC and the mobile (and other mediums) using an iPhone with iTunes. This product/service could be a mobile marketer's dream.

IBD has a story Apple iPhone Is Near

An Apple wireless phone and service will debut late this year or early next, say analysts and industry observers.

The iPod and computer maker is in talks to buy excess network capacity from one of the big wireless phone service providers, says one person familiar with the talks.

Apple would resell minutes to its customers. That would make Apple a mobile virtual network operator

At one point, Apple worked with Nokia to develop a traditional cell phone, analysts say.

How could it be so powerful?

Billing method is already resolved, and the iTunes platform is so easy to use.

iTunes provides the conduit for the PC and mobile worlds .

I am already thinking of the link the iPhone could provide with TV and Internet advertising. It's not hard to see how the iPhone could be a universal "remote".
Remember, more shows are offering to sell episodes thru iTunes.

Bring your iPhone home and upload/download activity and content to your PC.

Keep a record of your text messages, and all of those links sent via text that you couldn't really open using your mobile.

What's next, an iTunes browser?

I have lots of thoughts on what mobile marketers could do with this.

Thoughts comments?

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