Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Apple's iPhone Offers More Than A Phone But A Killer Platform

Apple probably has to go down as one of the first companies to link the physical world with the Internet.

When you download a song on iTunes from the the Net, and then transfered to an Ipod (mobile device), indirectly and in reverse order you created a physical world connection.

Apple and iTunes got millions of people (especially the targeted demographics) to link a mobile device to their PC. The disruption isn't in the iPod or the Nano, but in the iTunes platform. I think the same thing will occur around the platform for the iPhone.

I see the iPhone being more than just a communication device that surfs the Net and holds music. An iPhone pplication could provide the platform for two of the fastest growing industries, mobile marketing and mcommerce.

An iPhone application on the PC could link your mobile world to your PC. iPhone

If Apple can make it as easy to interlink a mobile phone and a PC (like they do with iTunes and an iPod), they could become a mobile marketing and mobile commerce powerhouse .

I know iPhone won't be the name of Apple's new phone, but I use the term because it's easy to identify.

Apple could do what every wireless carrier dreams of, tying your PC world with your mobile world. iTunes provided the conduit for the PC and mobile worlds. The iPhone will provide the Internet access.

Your iPhone application on your PC becomes a place where you store all of your mobile search requests, text messages, pictures, phone calls (think voIP applications), mcommerce transactions (soon). Yes a universal remote control but with a website that allows control and review.

How many times in the last 6 mos have you logged into your wireless account online?

I have often wondered why wireless carriers don't spend more time marketing a "MyCell" webpage. They are sitting on an advertising and customer relationship goldmine but they are ignoring it.

Apple Computer Inc. will finally end the rumors and announce a cell phone today with wireless service from Cingular Wireless LLC, a news report said.

Apple and Cingular team up for cell phone

Rather than tie itself to a single service provider, Apple is likely to introduce an “unlocked” phone that can be used on different networks.

Would you allow Apple to deliver ads on your iPhone if they compensated you with extra minutes?

Apple can provide a billing platform for movie tickets, coupons, airline tickets.

Go to iTunes or the iPhone application, download a ticket for Jimmey Buffet concert and get a 2d code, barcode on your iPod/iPhone. The billing is ALREADY IN PLACE and you just wave your iPod/iPhone at the door.

Apple has already tapped into a Physical World Connection application

Just imagine the possibilities if the iPhone has a camera too.

Thoughts comments?


Janne said...

Did you see this?


Launched at CES...

Scott Shaffer said...

It was initially reported that Cisco and Apple resolved the trademark dispute on day of iPhone announcement.

The day after the unveiling Cisco decides to sue .

My thought is that while this is Cisco's trademark and should be compensated, they are putting up obstacle for a much sought after product.

It is my opinion that this action will damage Cisco's brand.

This is similar to a patent holder that doesn't have the management team or vision to implement the patent/idea, but won't allow others to either. Eventually their shortsightedness proves quite costly.

Anonymous said...

just can´t wait - wonder which partner they will have in europe


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