Friday, January 12, 2007

Create Your Own Physical World Hyperlink RFID Tag?

Create your own physical world hyperlink RFID tag.
This story has some interesting physical world connection potential.

Vernon Hills-based Zebra Technologies said Thursday it has agreed to buy WhereNet Corp., bolstering its position in an up-and-coming technology known as RFID.
Zebra will pay $126 million in cash for the privately-held WhereNet

Zebra is involved in 'passive' RFID, meaning it prints labels that can be read only when a wireless scanner is within 10 feet.

WhereNet makes 'active' RFID labels and the wireless systems that read them. Active RFID tags are battery-operated, and send out signals that can be read from 1,000 feet away.

Having a website and being able to print a shipping/postage label have allowed anyone to sell any product anywhere.

What companies and services will be created when an individual user can create their own RFID tag and scan it with an RFID browser ?

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