Tuesday, January 16, 2007

ShotCode And Winksite Offer Physical World Hyperlinks To Mobile Webpages

Being mobile and accessing mobile content has never been easier.

Did you know that creating a mobile webpage can be as simple as creating a webpage for ‘the regular Internet’? WinkSite

Did you know that instead of typing a lengthy Internet address on your mobile phone, you can access each mobile webpage in three clicks? ShotCode

This is why Winksite and ShotCode , highly compatible companies, have decided to join forces to provide connections between the physical world and the mobile Internet.

ShotCodes are circular sequences of black and white blocks (2D codes) that represent an internet address. By installing the free ShotCode software on your mobile phone you extend your camera’s functionality into that of a ShotCode reader.

The ShotCode works much in the same way as the reading of barcodes in supermarkets, you point your phone’s camera at a printed ShotCode, click, and your phone’s browser is automatically connected to the corresponding internet address.

Currently ShotCode and Winksite are in talks with several large international brands to offer the combined service bundled with promotional products such as personalized t-shirts, Winksite/ShotCode business cards, personalized ShotCode stamps, stickers and more.

See how ShotCodes work

David Harper, founder of Winksite , “ShotCode’s unique shape makes for an attractive and recognizable symbol that is easily branded or used in more personalized outings. With customers such as Coca Cola, Heineken and Xbox, ShotCode has proven to be the frontrunner in this exciting market. We’re enthusiastic about offering these real world hyperlinks to the Winksite mobile community for free.”

Make your ShotCodes here

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