Friday, January 05, 2007

Google And China Mobile Get Ready To Link The Physical World With QR Codes

Last year Time Magazine named "You" as the Person Of The Year because "You" made an enormous impact when "You" created and uploaded digital content to the Net.

The next transformation and major impact for the Internet will be when "You" link physical objects to it and "You" will play a big role in that too.

I don't imagine it will be much longer before Google introduces a 2D code creating application.

When Google signed a deal with China Mobile for mobile search services, and China Mobile will be delivering a preinstalled QRcode reader, it means the physical world will soon be connected ( in China for now) .

China Mobile's subsidiary ASPire Technologies is handling the QRcode service.

Google would just need to add a QRcode creator site, to one of it's applications/menus, and just about ANYTHING online or in the physical world could be connected using a mobile phone.

I know there are free 2D code generating sites out there, that's not the point. The money isn't in creating 2D codes, it's in scanning them with a mobile phone.

When a platform as big as Google's implement ANOTHER form of search, advertisers will follow. Google is all about CREATING and finding content on the Net. Think of QR code as a "mobile keyword".

Pay per click is replaced by pay per scan for mobile info, not search.

Big Mouth Media sums it up pretty good.

What happens when a high percentage of a country's population, as in China, don't have access to computers and hence the internet and their search engines?

Start thinking of the camera on the mobile phone as the browser. Instead of typing lengthy URLS, users will be able to click on QR codes, or physical world hyperlinks.

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