Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Veritec Increases 2D Code Intellectual Property Portfolio

I wonder if this patent covers reading a torn, marked, or other defaced 2D codes.

From Yahoo Biz Major 2 Dimension Code patent granted to Veritec

Veritec is the pioneer and patent holder of two dimensional (2D) matrix coding technology and have been actively licensing their IP to Fortune 1000 companies.

The U.S. Patent Office granted Veritec, Inc., of Golden Valley, MN, U.S. patent number 7,159,780 for an advanced two-dimensional symbology reading system. Chief Design Engineer, Michael Christian is the inventor.
The patented technology overcomes reading and decoding issues prevalent in earlier reader designs, particularly when only a portion of the two-dimensional code is readable.

The newly-granted patent clearly establishes and protects Veritec's proprietary two-dimensional symbology reading and decoding systems and substantially enhances the company's product advantages in several markets.

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