Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Abaxia's MobileTag Links With Nokia And Provider

Another physical world connection player, MobileTag makes inroads with a telecom provider.

From M2 MobileTag featured in Nokia N70 Black in France

Abaxia , a leading specialist in embedded mobile software solutions, has today announced that its smart barcode reader application MobileTag , will feature in the Nokia N70 Black in France. The MobileTag application, which has been customised for a major Telecom group, will offer N70 Black users fast and direct access to huge libraries of content that is continually and automatically updated, including online services such as Wap or Web portals, simply by taking a picture of a Tag.

MobileTag is an embedded application that enables camera-phones to read and decipher data matrix prints, known as 'Tags', which appear as a small square symbol that can be inserted into any text on a paper document, on television, or any kind of advertisement.

Cedric Mangaud, CEO of Abaxia says "By linking with Nokia and major operators, we are offering users the ability to use their cameraphone to access a wide variety of mobile content in a fast and efficient way that has not been possible before"

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