Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Physical World Connection A Top Trend

The Institute for Global Futures came out with their 2007 Global Trends Report.

In the top 10 trends, 2 of the trends are based on, or use, Physical World Connection.

3. Always-On Connectivity - The pervasive Internet is coming in 2007 and will connect everyone—business, customers—everywhere, and all the time, across borders, supply chains and industries. WiFi will be everywhere. Entirely new supply chains, markets and industries will be born from this always-on connectivity. New business models that deliver real-time value all the time anywhere and everywhere will redefine industry—get ready now for this shift. Business must embrace this trend and customers will expect it.

5. Get Smart: Products That Think - Talking, thinking, sensing products are coming. Biometrics, GPS, RFID chips in products, always-on Internet devices, clothes and connected cars. Every product will be online, chatting and sensing us. A new world of smart products will provide features, upgrades, connections, memory, information, diagnostics to enhance customer and enterprise value. There is a dark side--privacy advocates beware.

From more info visit Global Futurist

A list of companies that can play a role in this upcoming trend is here

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