Tuesday, January 16, 2007

meshBee Offers More Than Mobile Coupons

Imagine a world where businesses can send real-time information, coupons, ads or other messages directly to consumers who are interested and near. That same world would allow consumers to receive this type of information in a friendly, reliable and personalized way.

Outermesh's flagship product called meshBee is a patent pending proximity-based mobile coupon and direct marketing solution based on new innovative technologies.

The solution creates a powerful new touchpoint between advertisers, retailers and consumers.

The vision of Outermesh is to empower people with real-time information about people, places and things in the physical world.

Advertisers create and manage targeted marketing campaigns, while shoppers receive relevant, personalized and contextual deals through a fast and friendly medium. Unlike conventional mobile marketing solutions that use text messaging or WAP, meshBee offers a very unique delivery mechanism that shoppers are eager to use

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