Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Scanbuy Receives Mobile Barcode Patent

Scanbuy , a physical world connection company best known for scanning a barcode with camera phone, receives barcode and mobile device patent.

Patent # 7,156,311

System and method for decoding and analyzing barcodes using a mobile device

The present invention discloses a system and method for decoding barcodes using mobile device.

Generally, the barcode image is acquired via a digital camera attached to the mobile device.

After the barcode image has been acquired, software located on the mobile device enhances the barcode image and subsequently decodes the barcode information. The barcode information is then transmitted to a server via a wireless network. The server processes the barcode information and transmits media content related to the barcode back to the mobile device

They were just recently listed as a company to watch in 2007 by Microsoft's Don Dodge.


Anonymous said...

hello scott,

i have only one question.
I a fan of scanbuy. Does this patent kill the patents of NEomedia?
Do you know something about that?
Would be very happy about an answer.



Scott Shaffer said...

I am not a patent lawyer, but things are getting interesting with this space.

This story speaks volumes though.

Anonymous said...

thanks very much scott,
i love your blog its very interesting to read.

in my opinion neomedia has no chance to get their product market with such strong new patents from scanbuy i think,
but why is rupert murdoch so interested in qode?
Could it be a fight of gates against murdoch?

you are also a fan of scanbuy i think what is your opinion of the qode technology?

for me the scanbuy site is the better one easier to understand and so on...

what do you mean?

Thanks for answering my questions.



Anonymous said...

This patent is static not dynamic

Since the words "Internet" or "online" do not appear at all in the SCANBUY patent description, this leads me to believe that they patented a process/method were a barcode could retrieve movies, video clips, pictures, wallpaper, ringtones, MP3s, ect. that are stored on an in-house or remote server.

Nothing that is dynamically linked or retrieved live from the Internet.

This space is indeed white hot!

Rick said...

I honestly think that barcodes are something from the 20th century. It will be all about RFID in the future. They should focus on this technology instead of trying to develop applications for this outdated tool.

Scott Shaffer said...

I beg to differ. I assume you're referring to the 1D barcode found on most consumer goods.

2d codes, the code that is gaining popularity will fulfill lots of useful functions.

As far as RFID tags go, they will be valuable as well, but try putting an RFID tag on printed material.

RFID tags also have other limitations as well (liquid, metal,).

2D codes will be the physical world hyperlink of choice for a while.

Anonymous said...

thanks scott,

bur thats not the answer to my question.
What do you think of qode?
Has qode a chance to be the standart in mobile marketing or is scanbuy the one?

please answer only this question.


Scott Shaffer said...

“The one”..?

Just like there is more than one search engine, I don’t think there will be one PWC player.

How did Google get to be the SE of choice? They provided a useful application and found a way to tie in advertising. Their motto is also “Don’t be evil”.

Barcodes (1D or 2D), are commodities and so is the ability to connect them to the Net.

As with all small companies with emerging technology, especially involving a commodity, you place your bets on the management team.

I think this story could represent the tipping point in this space.

Anonymous said...

thanks scott,

i know you can't say it in a direct way.
(hope my englich is good enough)
i am from japan and the 2d codes are already used by us.
I dont understand how a company like Neomedia could hold patents to link every phsical object in the world to the internet (by mobile phone).

Its really hard to understand.
What is also strange for me that the industry needs such a long time to see the possibillities of this technology in europe and usa.
They are endless.
Direct contact to consumer everywhere he goes.
Thats great.

But thanks for your answers now i know you are also an scanbuy fan lets hope scanbuy win the case against neomedia when ever it will be a decission.
Perhaps Scanbuy dont need neomedia with such a new patent.

I know that many shareholders of neomedia are sad about the things which happen these days with neomedia i hope for them that they also will have a good end.

It would be very interesting to read in your blog what you think about neomedia and their qode technology.

In my opinion its not fair not to mention that they have signed up with newscorp.

Could you open such a Ponder?

Ron said...


How do you see this announcement?

Anonymous said...

There is a new scandinavian company that has developed a new software that can read and decode EAN/UCP-barcodes with all new java camera phones. Not just QR or Datamatrix codes.

The readers capacity is impressive.

Anonymous said...

Hi Scott,

So is any of the following prone to risk being hit by patent infringement claims as well, or is this a useful application example?

Are you aware of any commercially Portable Allergy warning software for Nokia or SonyEricsson handsets? Now, as 1GB microSD and RS-MMS cards have become affordable, many folks would have a huge advantage if they could by phone check if they are at risk for being hit by an allergic shock through the piece of food they have just in front of them...

Any hint welcome !

All the Best,