Wednesday, January 31, 2007

All The World Is Connected

It is being called the "Internet of Things", "everyware", "pervasive computing", I refer to it as "Physical World Connection".

Wired News has a great story about Physical World Connection (PWC) titled All The World's a Tag

The basic idea is that a slew of emerging technologies -- RFID tags, wireless networking, portable devices hooked up to satellites, wearable computing -- will make objects in the real world act like the internet currently does. They'll be labeled, tagged, searchable and traceable, laden with tiny radio stations transmitting information to us, and storing information about us.

Information and environment will meld.

The author Nick Currie, gives some examples of PWC that include QR Codes, a physical world hyperlink.
QR Codes are simple printed labels, one step beyond bar codes

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