Friday, January 26, 2007

RuBee An Alternative Protocol To RFID

There's a new type of physical world hyperlink to add the list, the RuBee radio tag .

RuBee, also known as IEEE 1902.1. The emerging standard is expected to give retailers and manufacturers an alternative to RFID for many applications.

Proponents say RuBee networks would operate at long-wavelengths and accommodate low-cost radio tags at ranges between 10 to 50 feet. The standard will allow for networks encompassing thousands of radio tags operating below 450 kHz and target real-time inventory under harsh environments (key feature), even near metal and water and in the presence of electromagnetic noise.

While RuBee's similar transmission range and cost would make it seem like a replacement for current RFID applications, its relatively slow speed makes it unsuitable for tracking the numerous, moving products in a typical warehouse. RuBee-enabled devices will also have the advantage of transmitting data directly to the Internet.

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