Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Tripletail Ventures Is A New Physical World Connection Player

I am happy to announce that Tripletail Ventures is being added to the rapidly growing Physical World Connection company list .

These are companies that utilize any type of Physical World Hyperlink to connect the physical world with the Internet.

Tripletail Ventures, Inc. is a Research and Development firm that has some important technologies for the PWC and Mobile Coupon space. Their goal is to collaborate with companies to bring two patented technologies to the marketplace:

1.Tagged Barcodes. By embedding tags (such as XML) into 2D barcodes, data can be efficiently entered and processed by disparate systems through a quick scan.

2.Video Barcodes. Enabling barcodes to be scanned from a cellphone screen, computer, ATM, or TV opens many opportunities for receiving and using coupons or tickets in a purely electronic format.

See their demo videos of real-world applications using Tripletail's application.

Patents around their "Data Without Boundaries" technology include
7,150,400 plus other pending patents.

Tripletail divisions include: enabling mobile barcode coupons.

Imagine receiving personally customized coupons on your cell phone and redeeming them with a scan of your phone at the check out counter. Imagine never having to keep track of paper coupons, vouchers, and membership cards again. This is all possible with Video Barcode™ technology

Video Barcode enabling barcodes on video screens.

Video Barcode™ (VBC) technology moves traditional physical barcodes into the digital realm of LCD displays, TVs, cell phones, and PDAs. Applications for VBCs are numerous and include: Mobile Tickets, Mobile Coupons, Mobile Membership, Mobile Vouchers, Point of Sale VBC Catalog, Online VBC Catalog, and Split Barcode Security and Verification. Many of the functions of a physical barcode could be performed by a VBC, but without printing costs, cumbersome updates, or misplaced paper. enabling mobile barcode tickets.

Imagine entering a movie theater, concert, or sporting event merely by showing your cell phone. Thanks to Video Barcode™ technology, tickets can be bought online, electronically sent to your cell phone, and redeemed with a simple scan at the point of entry.

Tripletail Ventures is looking for collaborators and licensees to incorporate our patented Video Barcode™ technology into the quickly expanding market for Mobile Tickets and Mobile Coupons. If you are interested in using an application for Video Barcodes™, please contact


Anonymous said...

Got two comments:

a) the plethora of mobile bar code creators is mind numbing. IMHO it also effectively stops the market from developing at least until a big vendor comes along and creates at least the illusion of a standard.

b) from this company's website "Even though a business may have to change the type of barcode readers they choose in the future, barcodes and barcode readers are a commodity. For under $300, a business can purchase a barcode scanner that can read either printed or video barcodes".
Yep, the point is it does not work with the scanners that are in shops alreday - at least not with laser and IR scanners I guess. So, move along, no mass market business to see here.

Scott Shaffer said...

I think 2 things happen that puts PWC into overdrive.

MSFT, with their barcode reading application, starts to promote this concept.

Google introduces a 2d code creating application and offers a code scanning app for the mobile.

I am looking for Google to launch a beta version of a 2d code app and site to create codes.