Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Human Physical World Hyperlink Company VeriChip To Go Public

What I find exciting about this company, is they are demonstrating valuable uses for RFID technology, besides the common "track and trace" solution.

There RFID tag is being called the "barcode on steroids", not just because of the environments it can be used, but for the numerous dynamic applications it will offer.

From RFID Update Human RFID Tag Provider VeriChip Announces IPO

Applied Digital Solutions announced yesterday that it will take VeriChip public. Applied Digital manufactures security and identification products based on a number of technologies, including RFID. A subsidiary of Applied Digital, VeriChip manufactures the controversial human-implantable RFID tag of the same name.

Despite the perceptions of privacy advocates, those within the RFID industry itself typically do not see VeriChip as "one of them" but rather as a fringe company with an unusal offering that happens to be based on RFID technology. Furthermore, VeriChip targets non-traditional areas in which most RFID companies do not compete, like patient identification, infant protection, and wander prevention

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