Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Cisco's Chambers Defines Web 2.0

Cisco Systems Chairman and CEO John Chambers said Tuesday that collaboration, powered by Web 2.0 technologies, will jump-start corporate productivity gains for the next several years.

Unified communications tools that enable users to connect "any device to any content over any combination of networks" will empower businesses and their employees to work faster than ever before, Chambers said in a keynote address at Interop Las Vegas 2007.

Sounds like a lot of Physical World Connection in there.

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Peter said...

Thanks for that short informative post. It also confirms what I have observed in the sale of laptops and notebook computers. Recently, I detected a trend where there is an increased number of purchasers of laptops and notebook computers with cellular phone connectivity, apart from the wireless connectivity. When asked, these purchasers revealed that where the "hot spots" do not readily allow for wireless connectivity, they are able to use the cellular phone modem connectivity to conduct their business activities. Indeed, Web 2 is here to stay!