Friday, May 25, 2007

Eyeball Metrics For The Mobile Phone..Could Google Become The Dynamic Nielsen Rating Corp?

After Google announced their TV Ads beta test, I pondered what could happen if Google could offer TV advertising in the form of "pay-per-view".

In addition to "pay-per-click" ads on the PC, what could happen if they could measure the eyeballs on the TV and the mobile phone and deliver relevant and timely ads based on actual eyeballs.Primate's Pondering

Why couldn't Google become the realtime, dynamic Nielsen Rating corporation? They are missing one component though. What does Google need in order to make it happen?

Peter Suciu from TechCrunch has a summary of Mobile TV Viewing and provides the clues to what Google needs to make it happen.


-a company that specializes in measuring TV viewing

-will provide figures on just how many viewers of video programming and of video ads there are on mobile handsets today

-this information could help provide the U.S. TV networks with the data they need as they look at advertising possibilities on the mobile phone platform

Thoughts, comments?

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