Friday, May 04, 2007

Optibrand Uses Physical World Connection For Food Traceability

It is now possible to use your cell phone to scan a bar code on a package of meat and thereby access all the background information that led up to that product arriving
in your home. As food traceability becomes more important to consumers,
information delivery becomes critical to market success.

Optibrand has partnered with Swift & Company, the U.S.'s third-largest processor of fresh beef and pork, to provide a traceability program that meets the rigorous demands of the Japanese market.

For the first time, Japanese distributors and retailers will be able to offer U.S. beef with complete traceability information available via a barcode on the package.
Consumers can retrieve the product's supply chain history, from farm to retail shelf, by scanning the barcode with a cell phone or accessing the information online.

Founded in 1998, Optibrand is based in Fort Collins, Colorado and is the originator of the world's only retinal imaging system for livestock identification. With Optibrand technology, producers can use any identifier including retinal patterns, RFID tags, bar-coded tags.

Can you see why the DuPont barcode announcement plays a key role for Physical World Connection PWC starting with the supply chain?

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