Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Microsoft's Windows Live Barcode Site Back Up

Roger at All About Mobile Life spots the reappearance of Microsoft's Windows Live Barcode

Here's how Microsoft is building the platform for Physical World Connection:
Microsoft Live Barcode
Besides Microsoft's new High Capacity Color Barcode for DVDs and their barcode scanning Advanced User Resource Annotation AURA

They have introduced or are working on a:
speech recogntion browser
1d barcode scanner
2d barcode scanner
mobile image recognition engine and an
RFID browser

Which Physical World Connection company does Microsoft's Don Dodge pick as a company to watch in 2007?


Why? Because their barcode scanning platform is getting embedded on the major handsets, they are landing wireless carriers AND they have an exclusive agreement with the world's largest consumer good packaging company, DuPont.

DuPont will start placing 2d codes on various consumer goods. These can include soda bottles, cereal boxes, DVD covers, major fast-food chain item wrappers etc.

Between Microsoft offering consumers/corporations the ability to create their own 2d codes and Dupont placing 2d codes on consumer goods (in addition to the 1d codes already there), this combination will offer plenty of physical objects to be linked to the Internet with mobile marketing campaigns.

What should Google do now?


Dean Collins said...

Yep it may be back up but it's broke.

Here's the feedback I just left.

"lol - how about having a feedback for windows live barcode as a start... hmmm left hand not knowing what the right hand is saying.

ok that to one side your current qr business card encoding is broken in such a basic way it's crazy you let this go live.

The title of the person is being imported into the name field which is wrong for a vcard.

in addition you have no field for website or for IM obviously these are additions and not really faults but until these are in place this encoder cant be taken seriously.


You know for a big company you think they wouldn't be making basic errors like this.


Anonymous said...

Google should turn at east and look at CamClic in Sweden. They will launch their PWC services now based on the use of 1D barcodes. Instead of trying to have the worlds brand owners to put another code on their already crowded consumer goods, CamClic uses the 1D barcode. They are already in discussion with some big brand owners in Europe. And the service is free to use for both users and brand owners...

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