Friday, May 11, 2007

Firefox Mobile Barcode Provides Physical World Hyperlinks Online

Firefox provides a mobile "Do"-main.

How long before Google, Yahoo, Verisign (websites) and any advertiser introduce an application that generates a 2D code for any URL?

Consumer packaging will soon have 2d codes that can be scanned by mobile phones. A 2d code (Physical World Hyperlink) standard is being created.

Will there be a big desire for a proprietary code reading application? Where will big advertisers/brands focus their efforts?

360 Mobile finds the Firefox extension that will display a mobile code for the URL of the current site, called Mobile Barcoder

This extension generates 2D barcodes (called QR Codes) of the URL of the current page being viewed. You can then use a mobile phone to read the URL from the screen to save you typing the long URL using the phone keypad.

Once you move the mouse over the text “Barcode” the mobile code for the current URL pops up as shown here.

I think this shows how easy it is to create a 2d (physical world hyperlink PWH) and that it is just a commodity. Value from Physical World Connection will come when any mobile device can scan the hyperlink and be connected to relevant and timely information (database).

Various high traffic websites will offer 2d code producing capability as easy as Firefox does, and DuPont will be printing 2d codes on consumer packaging.

Both the physical world and electronic world are now generating physical world hyperlinks.


Anonymous said...

Hey Scott
Sounds like a CueCat dont you think

No Name said...

CueCat was a great idea, but didn't provide immediate info and a separate device was required.

Soon all physical objects will be able to be linked to the Internet via a mobile phone.

2d codes and keywords will replace "for more info go to" on packaging.