Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Text To Cell and Sell A House

A great idea and long overdue. A short code and keyword replaces a phone number and URL as a quick way to receive information.

Realtors place a shortcode and keyword (item number) on a For Sale for prospective buyers to receive more info. Any print advertiser could offer this (and will).Newspapers, magazines, coupon etc.

The realtor could use the database of cell phone numbers (if permission has been given) for leads to mortage financing cos, Home Depot etc.

From Wireless DevNet Cell A House Makes For Sale Signs Interactive

Cell a House takes the concept of the paper information flyer to the next level by making the "For Sale" sign interactive, increasing its effectiveness as a marketing tool for the selling agent.

Home buyers who stop to look at a house for sale can send a text message to a 5 digit short code, and receive detailed information and pictures instantly to their mobile phone. Simultaneously, the selling agent is sent and email or text message with the phone number of the potential buyer.

Cell a House offers a free trial for licensed realtors. Agents can list one property and use the system until that property is sold.

Experience the Cell a House service first-hand by texting H0000 to 95495 from your mobile phone for information and photos of a demo home for sale.


Dean Collins said...

hmmm didn't work when I tried it.


Vid Luther said...

This looks a lot like Cellulist .

Yay competition :)