Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Google Phone, Google Talk Could We Be Seeing Iridium Part2?

A couple things I wonder.

Because Google is the leading portal of information for the PC, and with all of the applications they are introducing that incorporate mobility, wouldn't this be an easy sell?

What other applications should Google embed. Google Phone

What if the Googlephone had built in WiFi capablilty and Google Talk was embedded?

One phone, one phone number anywhere in the world, with Internet access.

If this rumor is true, will this lessen the demand for Apple's iPhone?

Which has greater value on a mobile phone, getting information or being entertained?

I see the iPhone more as an entertainment device, than a communication/information device that Google could offer.

According to one of TechCrunch's Michael Arrington sources, Google may launch mobile service in the UK.

We’ve heard from a good source in the mobile industry that Google may be preparing to launch its own branded mobile network in the UK in the next few weeks. If our source is accurate, Google will become a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) via a deal with UK mobile phone company O2.

We’re hearing that there will be no physical stores for the service, and that signups and customer service will be provided exclusively via a website. A number of Nokia handsets will be offered, all pre-loaded with Google mobile software

One thing Google would have to change and introduce though. Tech support.
As dependent as we have become using the mobile phone, real live people will have to answer tech support 24/7, if they want to have any shot at this market.

Thoughts comments? Does Google have a shot at this, or is this just a great rumor?

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