Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Google TV Ads Beta Test...Could They Offer "Pay Per View"?

Do you know how Google could create "Pay Per View" TV ads? Instead of "pay-per-click", ads are delivered through a "Pay-Per-View" system.

What is the one key thing they need for this application? They have mastered search and advertising using a PC. What could allow them to dominate the TV advertising industry.... (answer below).

Google TV
Adverlab spots Google TV Ads Beta Sign-up in Sponsored Links.

Last month Google announced their TV Ads trial. Their are now advertising this service through ads.

What is it?

An end-to-end digital system for buying, selling, measuring, and delivering television ads.

Launch your campaign quickly and efficiently through our totally automated process. It's easy-just send us your video ad, set your own budget and decide when and where you'd like your ads to air.

Apply for the beta test.

I envision an advertising service application that will allow ads to appear dynamically according to people's interests, demographics, viewing habits.

What will happen to TV advertising if companies are only charged if their ad was watched on specific TVs?

Instead of clickthru rate being the metric, we see viewthru rates.

How do they do it?

In order to be able to deliver relevant, timely TV ads, and know WHO WATCHED THEM, they need to tap into the "box" that controls the feed into the home. Google needs to penetrate the box that sits on top of the TV and will soon be a WiFi connection.

That box will be able to tell what programs/ads were watched, movies that were downloaded, sites that are visited. Think of Google offering "real-time Nielsen ratings" for all channels per device in the household.

Do you know what company Google should be looking at?

Thoughts comments?


demsco said...


Google has just completed purchase of Spot Runner, a company that delivers turnkey TV ads at a low cost. I think this was their first step into this market.

Personally, when Google gets outside of the internet I think they will not be as successful, IMHO.

Scott D.

Scott Shaffer said...

CBS Corp., Interpublic Group and WPP took a $40m stake in Spot Runner.

Know what company should get acquired that would trump this deal?

Think of the pipe coming into the home and the data it provides.