Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Scanbuy Launches First Interactive 2D Barcode Platform For Buses And Subways

From Digital 5.0 Scanbuy and RATP Launch 2D Barcode for Buses and Subways

Scanbuy, Inc., a global provider of wireless commerce solutions, announced today the launch of a pilot program with Regie Autonome Transports Parisiens (known as RATP, the major transit operator in Paris and its environs) and faberNovel, an innovation consulting firm, to create an interactive transit station to allow commuters and travelers easy access to information using their cell phones and handheld devices. Outside of Japan, the program is the first operation of its kind in the world.

RATP is installing Scanbuy's interactive 2D (two dimensional) barcode technology throughout Noisy le Grand, to provide commuters access to a wide array of information including subway and bus schedules, traffic information, area maps and general RATP information from the RATP WAP.

"RATP is responsible for most public transportations in and around Paris and our mission is focused on creating an easier and better travel experience to consumers, in particular in delivering personalized real-time information" said Thierry Anselot of RATP. "We've chosen to work with Scanbuy because their barcode-capture technology and services platforms are the most advanced in the market and offer proactive delivery of real-time information and communication to mobile consumers"

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