Thursday, May 03, 2007

Microsoft Buys Mobile Marketing Company

From Washington Post Microsoft Buys ScreenTonic

Microsoft said on Thursday it agreed to acquire European mobile phone advertising company ScreenTonic to gain a foothold in the rapidly growing business for placing ads on mobile phones.

Microsoft, the world's largest software maker, did not disclose the financial terms of the deal. Paris-based ScreenTonic is one of the first companies in Europe to develop a platform to manage and place ads on the mobile Internet.

ScreenTonic also serves as an advertising agency for companies looking to develop marketing campaigns on phones. Investors in the start-up include venture capital firm 3i (III.L) and I-Source Gestion, according to ScreenTonic's Web site.

Their STAMP™ platform manages all the specifics of mobile phones and can target the delivery of the ad in keeping with the technical criteria, such as handset capabilities (particularly audio capacities, video, screen size and Java), the portal formats (WAP, XHTML, video, Java, rich media) and the information sent by the portals (bearer, user information and geolocation). It also incorporates the user targeting constraints: capping (controlling the repetition of ads seen per contact) and user scenarios.


owenmunger said...

This is a great move for Microsoft. With about 70% of American adults using text, they are going to be able to contact so many people. I see Mobile Marketing growing exponentially in the coming years.

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