Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Vivo Adopts Scanbuy's ScanLife Mobile Bar Code Platform

Another major wireless carrier adopts Scanbuy's mobile bar code reading application.

Scanbuy, a global leader in mobile 2D barcode and marketing solutions, announced today that Vivo, Brazil's largest mobile telecom operator, will support its ScanLife platform and become the first mobile operator in Latin America to utilize 2D barcodes.

Vivo, a joint venture between Telefonica and Portugal Telecom, isscanbuy the largest mobile telecommunications operator in the Southern Hemisphere.

Vivo chose Scanbuy's ScanLife platform after an extensive bidding process for a completely integrated solution combining client and server applications. Scanbuy has partnered with EverMobile to deliver the ScanLife solution in Brazil.

The ScanLife platform has also been deployed in France, Spain, the Philippines, China and the United States. Several other markets are expected to launch in 2008.

How much longer before we start seeing the 21st Century Bar Code?


brewskih said...

Wait. This can not be true can it. Some have suggested that the members of MC2, that group that wants to set 2D bar code standards, were behind Neomedia one of their partner members. And we learn that Telefonica, one of those members has not only supported Scanbuy, but has adopted their technology? Something just don't seem right here with the MC2 group and whose solution they support....LOL.

ScanLife Barcode Reader For Android Free Download said...

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