Thursday, January 24, 2008

Realeyes3D 1D Mobile Bar Code Breakthough Follow Up

The bar code. The next generation keyword for advertising.

A major breakthrough occurred today in the Physical World Connection space. After years of visionaries like Howard Rheingold (Smart Mobs) and John Battelle, discussing Phase 2 of the Internet, a camera phone is now able to scan a 1d bar code found on every packaged good, and connect to the Internet.

With Realeyes3d technology, billions of physical world hyperlinks can be "turned on" with a camera phone.

Brands will now be pushing carriers to adopt this mobile bar code scanning technology. Mobile marketing companies will have a powerful tool.

How big is this?

Every Coke can, DVD, cereal box, etc now becomes a portable website. Scanning the bar code on the package will connect a mobile phone to any designated URL.There are literally billions, if not trillions, of hyperlinks that can be scanned.

If I was Google I would be thinking about the huge revenue opportunity that awaits when advertisers can connect their goods with consumers. In addition to selling keywords, turning on bar codes becomes .

After I posted the story about Realeyes3D and their 1D Bar Code Scanning Breakthrough, I had a chance to speak to BenoƮt BERGERET, the Co-Founder and CEO of Realeyes3D

Realeyes3d has created an algorithm that automatically calculates the "blur radius" of an image and is able to decode it (either on the phone or through a server). They have been working for over 3 years to solve this. Only Camclic has been able to decode a 1d bar code without using an autofocus lens.

They offer two ways to scan the 1d bar code. A consumer can scan the bar code and be connected directly to the URL. If their phone is not on the list of supported phones, they can take a picture of the bar code, email it, and Realeyes3D will resolve it on their server (send back the appropriate link).

Realeyes3D is no stranger to working with the handset manufacturers. They have shipped over 50m phones with some of their other technology embedded.

Currently they are working on a pilot with a major carrier that is decoding both 1d and 2d mobile bar codes.

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