Tuesday, January 29, 2008

ScanBuy Lets Blackberry Users Scan Mobile Bar Codes With ScanLife

Physical World Connection is now available for Blackberry users.

"Pro-sumers" wait no more. Blackberry owners can now scan a mobile bar code on any physical object using ScanLife, and be connected to the Internet.

Scanbuy 2D Barcode Application Now Compatible with Camera-Enabled BlackBerry Handsets
Scanbuy, a global leader in mobile marketing solutions, announced today that its ScanLife mobile 2D barcode application is now compatible with camera-enabled BlackBerry® smartphones from Research In Motion (RIM). ScanLife-capable devices include the 8300, 8310, 8320, 8100, and 8130 models; also known as the Curve™ and Pearl™.

Scanbuy's technology uses the camera phone to connect the physical world to the digital world. By downloading the free ScanLife software though the mobile browser at www.getscanlife.com, Blackberry users will have the ability to scan and read EZcodes providing instant access to a wide variety of information and digital content.

Because of their simple design, EZcodes are supported by a wide range of camera phones.

“Despite their enormous popularity among heavy wireless data users, BlackBerries have not been able to read the vast majority of 2D barcode formats, so this functionality gives ScanLife a distinct advantage in the marketplace,” said Jonathan Bulkeley, Chief Executive Officer of Scanbuy. “We are committed to working with every stakeholder in the mobile ecosystem to advance 2D barcode technology and continue expanding our user base worldwide.”

ScanLife has been successfully deployed and supported by leading mobile providers and handset manufacturers in France, Spain, the Philippines, Greater China, Brazil and the United States. The ScanLife Code Registry and Management platform enables marketers and content providers to create and manage measurable 2D barcode campaigns, thus extending brand engagement onto mobile devices.

In addition to the BlackBerry models, the ScanLife handset software is also compatible with all of the world’s most popular handsets from manufacturers including Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, LG and Sony Ericsson.

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