Tuesday, January 15, 2008

GE Pumps $2 Billion More Into Renewable Energy Projects

GE Energy Financial Services said Monday it would boost by $2 billion its purse for stakes in renewable energy projects such aswind turbine wind, solar, hydro, geothermal and biomass projects to a total of $6 billion by 2010.

The investment arm of Dow component General Electric, General Electric Company said it's targeting more deals after a slew of transactions totaling about $3 billion, including its largest wind investment yet -- $300 million for wind farms in four states.

Wind energy ranks as GE Energy Financial Services' most active renewable energy investing area, the company said.

GE committing this much capital to wind farms gets me pondering.

Should/could the US Govt offer tax incentives for large land owners (especially oil fields) to install turbines? I think back to Qwest Communications and their ingenuity to use railroad lines.

What large areas of land are ripe to invest for wind farms?

Are there existing high rise objects (antennas, cell towers, utility lines) that can be retrofitted as a wind turbine?

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Anonymous said...

Wind farms infrastructure business is looking pretty good thus far.