Friday, January 04, 2008

Google Patents "A Picture Is Worth A Thousand keyWords"

Here's an interesting Recognizing Text In Images patent issued to Google.
Google Image
"The method includes receiving an input of one or more image search terms and identifying keywords from the received one or more image search terms. The method also includes searching a collection of keywords including keywords extracted from image text, retrieving an image associated with extracted image text corresponding to one or more of the image search terms, and presenting the image".

Here's the key sentence to the patent and why it could be huge for Google Mobile.
"Recognizing Text In Images is an application to patent a method of optical character recognition in digital images". A camera phone is considered an optical character recognition device.

See how this plays in with Google's Image Labeler and Physical World Connection?

Linking a keyword in/on an image directly to the Internet with a mobile phone is the "Internet of Things"

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