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Science And The Next President...Each Presidential Candidate And Their Energy Outline

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Science Magazine just published a summary called "Science And The Next President".

I thought it would be a good idea to list each presidential candidate and links to their views on energy/environment here and let Pondering Primate readers make their own conclusions.

Listed in alphabetical order.

Hillary Clinton New Energy, New Jobs To establish a green, efficient economy and create as many as five million new jobs.

John Edwards Edwards will create the $13 billion-a-year New Energy Economy Fund. The fund will be financed by greenhouse gas polluters through the sale of emission permits and by ending taxpayer giveaways for big oil companies, including special tax subsidies and sweetheart terms in offshore drilling leases. The resources will double the Department of Energy's budget for efficiency and renewable energy, accelerate new energy technologies to market and help new businesses get started, encourage consumers to buy efficient products, and provide transition assistance to workers in carbon-intensive industries.

Rudy Giuliani Energy Independence
Topics Include: Ethanol, BioFuels, Renewable Energy, Nuclear Power,Clean Coal, North American Oil&Gas, Energy Conservation
We need new oil refineries, nuclear reactors, transmission lines, and renewable energy facilities. Expanding our infrastructure and diversifying its geographic location directly impacts national security, economic stability, and job creation. Key steps include enhancing security, cutting red tape in the regulatory process, investing in a digital “Smart Grid,” and developing batteries to more effectively store energy

Mike Huckabee "The first thing I will do as President is send Congress my comprehensive plan for energy independence". (although he doesn't really state what his plan is on his site)

John McCain Our economic prospects depend greatly upon the sustainable use of ample and unspoiled natural resources. A clean and healthy environment is well served by a strong economy (pretty limited on this issue)

Barack Obama Energy And Environment
* Reduce Carbon Emissions 80 Percent by 2050
* Invest in a Clean Energy Future
* Support Next Generation Biofuels
* Set America on Path to Oil Independence
* Improve Energy Efficiency 50 Percent by 2030
* Restore U.S. Leadership on Climate Change

Mitt Romney Ending Energy Dependence.
""I want to initiate a bold, far-reaching research initiative – an Energy Revolution, if you will. It will be our generation’s equivalent of the Manhattan Project or the mission to the Moon. This will be a mission to create new, economic sources of energy, clean energy. We will license our technology to other nations and of course we will employ it here at home."

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