Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Could CleanTech Revive The Economy And Make U.S. Competitive Again?

A transformation and opportunity bigger than the Internet?

China vowing to promote renewable energy and the signing of the Energy Bill are two catalysts that will provide lots of "green" for the CleanTech space .
Instead of thinking about routers, search engines, pay-per-click, CDMA, and wavelength division multiplexing, it's time to start focusing on CleanTech as the next great investment opportunity.

In addition to relying less on foreign oil, the U.S. is in a position to create AND sell alternative energy technology(s) to emerging countries. A wealth creator in many ways.

Alternative energy could jump-start the economy.

Earlier this year at the first Southeast Venture Conference, former Virginia Senator Mark Warner said that among the areas in which he sees great opportunities for entrepreneurial success, “There continue to be opportunities in the broadband wireless space and in security." But the one in which he sees the greatest opportunity is alternative energy.

“It’s in the intersection between energy, global warming and jobs,” he said. “It could be as big a driver of the economy as telecom and IT have been. You could argue those jump-started our economy during the 1990s. We’re at the same point in time in alternative energy.”

Some CleanTech Developments To Watch In 2008

What is your favorite CleanTech technology or company?

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bertrand said...

I've to say that after Bali's conference, I'm a little bit confused about green tech and America.
After reading this article it's worst,,2228609,00.html