Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sears Starts Using 2D Mobile Bar Codes

Sears is the first major U.S. retailer to start a public trial of 2-D barcode technology.

Sears Uses 2D Bar Codes

Efforts to implement retail 2-D bar codes are accelerating, with Sears becoming the first U.S. retailer to begin a public trial that started in mid-December at a store in Marietta, Georgia.

Sears' name is now on a substantial list of top-tier U.S. retailers who have been seriously exploring the technology, including Best Buy, Gap, Target and Nordstrom.

There are multiple vendors pushing the technology in the United States; Best Buy and Target are working with a company called StoreXperience, while Sears and others are talking with an outfit called ScanBuy.

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brewskih said...

Whats amazing about the Sears trial, is that the codes are dynamic, even though the trial is going on in one location. Anyone who locks on the code in print, is shown the locations that stock that item, in their geographical location, across the united states.

Looks like Scanbuy knows how to get the job done, and the CEO is standing up and being a man, like he was challenged to do by some stock holder of another company in this space, who felt he had the right as a nobody, to challenge the CEO of Scanbuy in a blog, and suggest he was less then a man. I guess the CEO is showing this investor, just what a man is....LOL.